Tuesday, October 28, 2008

FOC08 - Community Leadership Development Mini-conference

FOC08 - Community Leadership Development
As an organizer I start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be .. Saul Alinsky
As organizers, where are community leaders starting? Please join me in exploring the development needs of community leaders. The "course" outline is intentionally light. The idea is to provide guidance without overloading the learner.

For the mini-conference this week and next, your participation will help
  • encourage discussion and feedback - need for a course like this, appropriate target audience, promotion for the project, adoption by communities, access issues
  • solicit recommendations for projects that could benefit from community service leadership provided by course participants
  • connect with colleagues, institutions and organization who are currently working in this area, or are interested in participating and/or partnering in the future
  • identify and review other resources that are applicable to the theory and practice of community service leadership and community leadership development.
This community leadership development program was envisioned as a very broad offering. I was always impressed by the youth leadership training programs for Boy Scouts. High schools and colleges are encouraging (even requiring) active learning and leadership in the community. Generation Ageless (aka Baby Boomers) are looking to add meaning to their free time through community leadership. Some of our original thinking was a follow-on to face-to-face workshops for women from all over the world. Focusing on community service supports a wide range of projects and leadership opportunities. Anyone and everyone can benefit.

Mini-conference Session 1. Community Leadership Development - Overview

Please look through the Community Leadership Development information
  • What were your first impressions?
  • Are you personally involved in community organizations?
  • Are you or someone you know or mentor in a leadership role?
  • Would you look online for some guidance for developing community leadership skills?
  • Would this work?
Then post your thoughts, questions and suggestions as comments here. If you would prefer to post to your own blog, please send a note and a link, so I can aggregate and respond.

Thanks so much for your interest.

Best regards,

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