Sunday, April 04, 2010


Is there a way to work from the demand side? Are there unmet needs
that collaborative OERs can address most quickly and effectively?

Who will use OERs? What topics are most needed? Can we find some
specific end users of the collaboratively built OERs? Are there some
important courses topics without course materials?

Who wants to collaborate? What is your subject expertise?

I wonder if any of the 1000s of instructors teaching the top 50
enrolled courses are the ones who need OERs most? Are they the most
likely to use and benefit from these collaborations?

Just asking...


How about a little grassroots project? Does anyone have a curriculum
project that would be an appropriate pilot and would be willing to
have WE collaborators work on?

Ideally, this would be a real workshop or course that will be
delivered in the near future - 3-4 months (June 2010?). An outline and/
or objectives would be good - doesn't have to be elaborate, but needs
to set the tone for the contributors. Then we will invite others to

I'm have some time to contribute to such a 'proof of concept' project
as project coordinator, editor, researcher...

Are you interested in working on this proof of concept project? In
what capability?

Do you have a project that would be appropriate to collaborative
development? What subject matter expertise is required? What other
resources would be needed?


  1. For web conferences you should try ,
    Great for online teaching and collaborating. I use it for working on my designs with other in my field.
    Its free and pretty simple - you just upload your file and invite others to view it together.
    - Laura W.

  2. Hi Laura

    Thanks for the suggestion.