Friday, October 12, 2001

HTML Tutorial
This is a great little tutorial. It covers all the basics, included lots of examples. The enthusiasm keeps the student motivated. Lots of nice chatty text.

I really liked the 7 days/ 7 lessons approach. Students don't have to be overwhelmed trying to cover the whole thing in one sitting. This is a good way to provide learners some options and control over the learning environment.

The navigation is well done - several topics within each lesson, with onpage links top and bottom. I always appreciate there being NEXT, PREVIOUS and HOME buttons. The use of frames so there are always choices in the left column is helpful.

There is a lot of information presented but the headings and white space keep pages readable. I personally like tutorials to be information-rich and scrolling. I find that helps me follow through the material better than tutorials with lots of little pages.

I find all the flashing and moving ad and logos annoying but Joe has to make a buck some how. :o)

In addition, the HTML tutorial is very helpful.

Valerie Taylor
Palo Alto, CA

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