Saturday, October 27, 2001

* What technologies did you find useful?
I think all technologies reviewed could be useful in online classes.

* What could you live without?
Chat isn't one of my favorite things - I find it confusing and difficult to follow when interchanges overlap or annoyingly time consuming to wait for each interchange. However, for a quick question and answer, chat is great. Chat could be appropriate for the instructor / student exchanges or student to student exchanges.

* What tools will you incorporate in your own classes?
I plan to use self-check quizzes for feedback. I plan to survey learners about their view of the class. Online teaching and learning are evolving quickly, so it important to gather information to modify the course to keep pace. Learners are still learning to learn online, and their feedback will be very valuable.

I would like to include some multimedia. Audio is much easier to work with than video, so audio is more likely to be included in courses I create. Pictures, diagrams and simple animations are also great additions to any course.

I require students to use email to submit homework for my f2f caourse and that works well for them and for me. They often include questions or comments along with their homework. For online courses, email will be even more important.

Threaded discussions are really good for learning certain types of information. Everyone can participate in all conversations. This is a very valuable learning opportunity for all.

* Have your attitudes towards this technology changed? If so, how?
If anything, I am even more enthusiastic about the online teaching and learning technologies. These courses have been good learning experiences for me personally. I am sure that many others will benefit in the future. Online learning can be warm and friendly and engaging in a way that few f2f classes are. The underlying technology has to be there to facilitate the learning environment, and at the same time the technology must blend into the background. I was pleasantly surprised to find that was the reality in this course.

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