Thursday, September 27, 2007

EduservCETIS 20Sep2007

There is a lot of buzz about using Second Life in teaching and learning. However, SL still seems like a cool technology looking for an application. I haven't seen anything that I thought was really compelling but I'm keeping an open mind.

from OLDaily
EduservCETIS 20Sep2007
Various Authors, CETIS
If you are interested in the use of Second Life in online
learning, you'll want to access the slides and podcasts
from this meeting help a few days ago summarizing the
results of four research projects sponsored by Britain's
Eduserv Foundation. The projects were: Theatre,
Performance, History and Creative Pedagogy: Theatron's
Second Life; Learning in Second Life; Modelling4All:
Intersecting computer modelling, Web 2.0, and Second Life;
and Learning Support in Second Life with Sloodle.

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