Thursday, October 04, 2007

10 ways to use your edublog to teach

We have to thank Dan Mitchell for his insight and resourcefulness - we have had blogging capability since before blogging was invented! Dan realized the value in using a WYSIWYG tool (Manila) for faculty to create web pages that allowed them to make course materials available to students via the web. I had been creating web pages the hard way (plain HTML) since 1995 so I was thrilled to have this slick little application that allow me and the faculty I supported to make web pages quickly and easily. We could focus on message rather than struggling with the media. Oh, and by the way, there was a discussion feature as well.

And zoom, we were off. Many faculty "got it" and busily created wonderful resources for their courses. Some were even writing collaborative with colleagues across the country. I was amazed to find when Blogging became chic and trendy that Manila was a blogging tool and we had been using it for years. Thanks, Dan.
There are many ways you can use an edublog in your teaching, here are ten to get you started:

1. Post materials and resources

The web is a fantastic tool when it comes to distributing resources - all you have to do on your edublog is upload, or copy and paste, your materials to your blog and they’ll be instantly accessible by your student from school and from home. What’s more, you can easily manage who gets to access them through password and plugin safety measures.

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