Wednesday, September 03, 2008

CCK08 Introduction

Another non-native Northern California resident says Hi

I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, now living north of San Francisco.

As a long time reader of Stephen Downes' OLDaily, the course offers a
unique opportunity to explore some of the ideas around connectivism
discussed by others. In addition to teaching an undergrad course about
Computers and the Internet in Society, I also facilitate faculty
workshops on using technologies to support teaching and learning. A
logic extension leads to Connectivism and Connective Knowledge, I

There is so much great information available on the internet that
learners can be overwhelmed. I'm looking for ways for learners to
figure out what it is they want / need to learn and to make use of
these resources. Is that Connectivism? We'll see...

Whatever happens in the CCK08 course will be a success. This is
shaping up to be something quite unique with 1000+ participants. Lots
of learning will be happening very quickly - for participants,
observers and most of all, the facilitators! Good luck, George and
Stephen - you are going to need it.

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