Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CCK08 - Is that Connectivism?

..via CCK08
Mike Bogle in Connectivism: Theory and Application reflects on his experience from initially encountering a concept to progressively deeper understanding: "In doing this patterns and relationships between ideas and concepts start to emerge and we become better able to appreciate the implications of the subject matter. Over time our overall understanding expands and we are better equipped to make connections that were beyond our comprehension initially. Thus begins the process all over again."

I am reminded of the the idea - You only learn what you almost know. I don't remember the source - someone speaking on a radio broadcast circa 1982. The notion of networks, connections and revisiting when the time is right is really important. A friend who was doing math tutoring observed how so many kids struggle with math because each year new information is added on to what it is presumed they learned the previous year. If that background knowledge isn't there, then there is no way to learn the new stuff - they don't almost know what is being taught.

A BIG learning moment for my son occurred when he discovered that the calculus and physics he was studying meet-up - each made way more sense when you understood the other part, too. Is that Connectivism? I think so.

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