Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CCK08 FOC08 Eureka - Thanks, JSB

Memo to: John Seely Brown

As a long-time fan, I have learned many things from you. Today is no exception. Following a trail of crumbs from CCK08 to ecological environment got me here Learning, Working & Playing in the Digital Age ..John Seely Brown 1999

So we now have navigation being coupled to, basically, discovery and discovery being coupled to bricolage but you don't dare build on whatever you discover unless you can make a judgment concerning its quality or trustworthiness. Thus navigation, discovery, borrowing and judgment all get wrapped up together, especially when the student is engaged in using or building something that he deems important. Judgment is inherently more critical than ever in order to become an effective digital bricoleur.

I think this is a good summary of the complexity of what we are wrestling with in Connectivism and "the new learning" (something like "the new math" for those old enough to remember that one).

How I got here... ecological environment - interesting, need for additional terms - niches, meaning cues, action traces ... interrelations between communities, the environment and the culture left there by people - the traces of meanings (Llora, Yasui, Welge & Goldberg, 2006) and the traces of activities... JSB link, lurk, try

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