Friday, October 10, 2008

CCK08 Deadheads are...

More on groups and networks
groups to me seek to summarise; whereas networks seek to aggregate. Groups set out to establish a singular vision, mission, or set of explicitly identified objectives to which all members are expected to adhere and conform. Networks devolve these concepts to the individual to decide, and the resulting reality for the entity is much more holistic and comprehensive. This is why it’s so much more difficult to define a network than a group. comment

I’m with you - I don’t think Deadheads are a “group.” I do agree that there can be some pretty fine distinctions or interpretations, depending on one’s desire for tidy groups or messier networks. Now we have to mix in communities and collectives. And I haven’t heard mention of agents for many years - about time for that idea to reappear.

Have you heard from Stephen? He has strong sorting criteria for groups and networks - some I don’t fully understand where the differences apply in this case. What does he think?
Deadheads are…?

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