Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CCK08 every day in a letter...

Terry talks about in-depth processing in networks, and about lack the energy, time and commitment to dig deeply in his networked connections.
In a group I feel more responsible for the other group members and open myself to challenging emotional and cognitive debate, support and nurturing - all of which may cost me an investment of time, energy and emotional commitment

I have relied on the daily CCK08 letters to stay current and engaged. But the down-side is the shift to "group mode" - someone - Stephen and George are taking care of me. It isn't like they don't have tons of other stuff to do.

This is something I struggle with as an instructor and as a student/participant. How much responsibility does the learner have for their own learning? How much guidance should be provided? And by whom? What is the expectation of the guider for how this information will be used? Does that expectation somehow define the boundary between a group and a network?

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