Saturday, November 22, 2008

digital pack rat

I can't deny it - I am a digital pack rat. When I find an interesting site, I want to keep a note of the link and a factoid in some virtual piles. But that doesn't mean that I like mess. Quite the opposite. I do check back on my things as lists of reminders. And, I like to share this stuff.

To share my "finds" I used to have to save all the links with my notes. Then format them and send out an email to my mailing list. Not any more.

Happiness is my new organization. I have been tagging links in delicious since February 2007. While 2500 bookmarks may not seem like a large number, organizing and sharing them eluded me. Then, ta-dah! enter gadgets and dynamic linkrolls.

The Delicious linkroll code generator produces the script as you select the selection and display criteria. Then that script can be copied into the Blogger HTML/JavaScript gadget for adding third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

I put scripts in posts. I put them in sidebars. They work beautifully. You are looking at them. The teaching and learning entries in the sidebar are dynamic. The pages linked under the projects heading are dynamically populated.

I'm back to finding, collecting and tagging, knowing that the pages with the scripts will be neatly displaying my latest finds in that subject area. I'm much better at tagging and adding notes, now that there is a nice display of each link. Isn't technology grand?


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