Sunday, November 16, 2008

OLPC guide blog example - Testing : Activities

Test Case: Analyze Activity
how this works
- blog page for each topic with associated unique set of tags. Tag OLPC pages in delicious, create blog post and include delicious feeds script for that set of tags
- blogroll / link list of all guide blog pages

  • » Participate - OLPC

    Testing New releases of software builds, activities and library bundles are always in need of testing. You can help by downloading, installing and giving us feedback. * Help test the weekly Friends in testing Sugar build * Help test by downloading and trying Activities * Help test library content by downloading bundles from the Collections page

  • » Activities/All - OLPC

    Activities/All -- a large set of new activities, some actively under development

  • » Activities - OLPC

    Applications for use in Sugar are called Activities. This page lists Preinstalled activities and describes how to find others you can install yourself. The names of activities link to more information about them; the download links, if downloaded to an XO, will automatically install and show up in the activity bar.

  • » Joyride - OLPC

    Joyride releases are built automatically. A cronjob runs the build scripts 4 times every day. The build script checks for new/updated packages (aborting if there is nothing to do). After a new build has been made, it is announced on the devel mailing list.

  • » Testing - OLPC

    The community and core team work through a slate of test issues for each major build and release. This page highlights the current tests being run, the testing process in general, and how to contribute your own results or bugs.

  • » Friends in testing - OLPC

    testing early releases - guidelines This procedure asks you to install alpha software. You may lose all your data. Please back up personal files to another source if you would like to keep them.

  • » One Laptop Per Child – Trac

    * The project-wide bug tracker. To file a ticket, please click 'Register' in the upper-right hand-corner to create an account. * See submitting bugs for some hints on filing tickets. * The source code browser, available from the navigation bar on the left, shows current work on all OLPC code trees. * lists interesting queries and reports.

  • » Analyze - OLPC

    Analyze is an Activity that displays your XO's networking, X (graphical) display, and presence service status. It is useful to developers and end-users as an easy way for users to monitor and submit data for monitoring/debugging networking/X issues.

  • » Reporting test results - OLPC

    OLPC Community testing Project. To report a result against a test case, follow these instructions. We assume here that you have already run the test.

  • » Tests/Activity/Analyze - OLPC

    Test Case: Analyze Activity - basic function test procedures * 1 Basic * 2 Network Status * 3 X Window o 3.1 Do you have xrestop? o 3.2 Installing xrestop o 3.3 Testing * 4 Presence Service * 5 Basic * 6 Basic * 7 Network Status * 8 X Window o 8.1 Do you have xrestop? o 8.2 Installing xrestop o 8.3 Testing * 9 Presence Service

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