Thursday, January 01, 2009

Community Empowerment

Eight Elements of The Empowerment Methodology
What does it take to strengthen a community (or organization), or to increase its capacity?
Nice outline of the methodology advocated by the Community Empowerment Collective Society However, I would consider restating
5. Organisms become stronger by exercising, struggling, and facing adversity. Empowerment methodology incorporates this principle for social organisations. Sports coaches use the slogan, “No pain; no gain.” We do not promote pain, but do promote struggle and effort;
I’m not sure I would characterize the process quite so negatively. Rather representing it as a stepwise process to the appropriate outcome, provides perspective and guidance. I prefer a more positive dynamic growing representation.
That’s a minor point but important point when the problems to be resolved are so difficult. Are there other ways to accentuate the positive, successful, rewarding and/or enlightening?

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