Friday, February 20, 2009

african localization

But will they come? This is always a question, particularly with web-based resources. The Community Empowerment Collective has been fairly successful in recruiting translators to localize the training materials. Over the past several years, the mobilizers handbooks and community empowerment training materials have been translated into more than a dozen languages representing all continents of the globe.
  • What's available? More about African languages
  • Who is accessing these materials? Are they being used for training in the local languages?
  • Does localization add value? Is it necessary to the training and success of mobilizers?
  • How to these materials support non-formal learning and functional literacy?
  • How can Community Empowerment be promoted? How can more mobilizers and the communities they serve make use of these materials to derive direct benefit?
  • Is mobilization different that leadership? How does the gender of the mobilizer / leader affect the process of community empowerment?

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