Thursday, May 28, 2009

Community mobilizers training and support

The Community Empowerment web site is a wonderful resource. It is being accessed
by thousands of viewers according to the Google Analytics reports.

Community Empowerment:

But what are they doing with the information? Are they using it themselves to
organize and mobilize their communities? Are they using the training materials
to train community members to work to change and improve their communities?

Do they need help and support? Would they be interested in participating in an
online course about community empowerment? Train-the-trainer sessions? Would
they join a community of practice with others working to mobilize communities
from around the world?

I would like to be part of a proactive group of Community Empowerment volunteers
promoting and supporting trainers and mobilizers. So as a mobilizer, I am
starting by asking you, my peers and colleagues about the needs and the

What do you think? Does this need exist? How can I get the Community Empowerment
promotion, training, communication and support going?

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