Wednesday, July 01, 2009


You are right on in your description of WikiEducator - good and umm,
could be better. I like to think of it as a useful public space -
ideas, resource directories, to do lists, plus some actual products,
courses and content.

Yes, it is pretty much all text, a bit disorganized and difficult to
find "the good stuff". This is well understood and as funding becomes
available, these issues are being addressed. However, it sure is
handy for building out lists and ideas collaboratively.

There are many little communities that use WikiEducator for their own
stuff which is organized and self-contained. Because it is in
WikiEducator, there is a much higher likelihood of being stumbled
upon. I like that idea. Way too much great content is on the web but
is hidden in a walled garden or just "known" to a few - usually the
contributors. I like the "it may not be perfect, but you are welcome
to take a look and/or contribute" nature of WikiEducator.

I'll get back with a note about some of your other questions - I want
to find good examples already in WikiEducator to address your concerns
about media, etc. However, the fact that I need to research them says
a lot about the current state. :o)

For interactive, real-time community activities, several WikiEducators
are using third party free tools like Ning, and live online workshops
at WiZiQ

More to follow...

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