Monday, September 28, 2009

WE brainstorm

Thanks for suggesting a brainstorming. WE need to do this regularly about lots of topics, including community engagement.

> Well, since my interest lies in active learning and engaging learners, I
> would like invite those with common interests to join me in brainstorming to
> find ways to engage members of the community.

Engagement through contributing - I looked through the WE community portal to see if there was a home for this sort of thing.

These sort of address the idea of community participation, but most are too complex or need too much prior knowledge to encourage newer WE member to provide help.

I would like to see more, easy to participate projects, so that if someone has a couple of hours, they can contribute something meaningful to the WE community. This might be a dynamic "job jar" with instructions for each item, rated by WE knowledge level / skills and time commitment.

Perhaps some of the template gurus can come up with some "forms" that present work, and the WE members can do some thing like categorization through a "read, select, save" interface.

Project Gutenberg has lots of jobs like this. The volunteers are happy to help because they know that they are just one part of the process. Once their small but important part is done, other more qualified volunteers will be doing follow-on steps in some bigger process. This generates great publicity and community engagement for the project.

Having contribution process/forms help direct the work, making the specific contribution more manageable form the WE community contributor perspective as well as getting needed WE work done quickly and reliably. Lots of small contributions from lots of WE members turns into really great results.

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