Tuesday, October 06, 2009

CCK09 discussions in moodle and ning

Looking through the Moodle posts was Networked Pedagogy? by Dennis Richards listing the structures in place for CCK09. Ning is new this year so I skipped over for a look.

In reply to Jane Brotchie's questions about course design, Jenny Mackness cited Stephen Downes' characteristics of Autonomy, Openness, Diversity and Connectedness most useful in thinking about how to design online courses which aspire to connectivism principles and also when thinking about how a tutor's role might change. Instructional design and the roles of designers and instructors have cropped up a lot.

I was curious to know how the discussions were evolving in each platform and who was participating in each. No conclusions yet, but there does seem to be a difference.

There are lots of Tweets listed in The Daily but it is difficult to know at a glance who is tweeting or if they format a meaningful discussion.

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