Friday, December 04, 2009

informal learning

A lot of informal learning can take place in many different formats -
email newsletters, online discussions, as well in formal courses and
workshops. Any and all can be effective online. - notes from the phone meeting to
discuss GWLN communication needs, some of the
technologies that might be included in a communication
"plan", lots of links to technologies that might someday be useful for
about doing something for Turkish women.

Community of practice - this might be a place to start with the
current group that are in Santa Clara next week. These things need
lots of members to be active, so adding all the previous graduates and
resources might help make it active enough to be interesting.

use Ning network - discussions, pictures - Ning is free
example - - - free page hosting

learning to use the wiki tools - self-study, free facilitated online workshops

Spanish - not much content, but if someone wanted to work in a Spanish
language environment, it is here

India - country project - many of these people are active in
WikiEducator and may be good contacts for GWLN

Africa - They use
Ning for their primary web presence and networking.

Some thinking about offering online workshops

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