Saturday, December 12, 2009

technology in on-campus courses

You have highlighted important points.
  • The Seven Principles can be applied to benefit students in any courses regardless of format - on-campus, distance learning or something in between (hybrid or blended).
  • Technology can be used to enhance instruction and support learning in all course formats
A couple more thoughts based on your earlier posts...
  • Alternative and supplemental material can be produced and offered to students. Once created, these resources are easily managed through Moodle or a web page, and can be available to students in multiple classes and semesters. You can also include other open shared web-accessible resources.
  • Students, particularly non-native speakers find it really liberating to participate in online discussions. They can take all the time they need to review the conversation so far, formulate their responses, check grammar and spelling and participate as often as they want. This is something new for shy students and those who miss out on most in-person discussions because they don't understand what is being said at the time and have neither the vocabulary or the confidence to express themselves in class. All that changes to benefit these previously-excluded students in an online discussion. This is especially true in ESL classes like yours.
Thanks for your observations and participation.

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