Saturday, April 24, 2010

Voices: Learning to Raise Your Self-Esteem!

How we view and talk to ourselves shape our choices and how we relate to the world. Unfortunately, low self-esteem proves to be a huge obstacle for too many people – oftentimes it stops us from enjoying relationships, doing the things we want to do, and from working toward our life goals and dreams.

By good self-esteem we mean the experience of being capable of meeting life’s challenges (competence) and feeling worthy of happiness
Tips to build a stronger sense of competence:
  • Make an accurate self-appraisal (be realistic – not too harsh or too easy. Ask for feedback from a trusted friend or counselor for your self-assessment).
  • Work on overcoming adversities and bouncing back from failures.
  • Break difficult tasks into small steps. Your competence will grow as you master each step toward the larger goal.
  • Assume responsibility for your actions by looking realistically at what you can do to be more successful in the situation you’re facing. When we blame others or outside events for life’s difficulties we lock ourselves into being victims.
  • Maintain your integrity by living in accordance with your own values. This will help engender your sense of self-worth.
The way we see ourselves affects the way others perceive us. Having a healthy and positive relationship with yourself will show people that you feel worthy of love and success. Don’t be afraid to praise and care for yourself – when you put forth the effort to overcome low self-esteem, you’ll realize just how much you can accomplish!
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  • How do you address self-esteem in your class?
  • What are some techniques for promoting self-esteem in students at your grade level?
  • Are there barriers to developing positive self-esteem for your students? How do you overcome these?
  • Are there people and resources outside the classroom who are helpful to encouraging positive self-esteem for your students?

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  1. Learning does raise the self esteem and now the whole of education has changed as most institutions have started live streaming classroom and wonder how the future will go an will know different types of learning