Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Voices of Teachers

Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria puts on a "Voice of Teachers Radio Show" each week that reaches millions of listeners in Nigeria and discusses important topics that are relevant to teachers. Teachers Without Borders in Nigeria needs volunteers to serve as correspondents that will gather news, conduct interviews and seek for sponsorships of the Voice of Teachers radio show in all 36 states of Nigeria.

Contact: Please contact African Regional Coordinator Raphael Oko if interested, via email: raphael@teacherswithoutborders.org

The TWB - Nigeria will devote some minutes during the Voice of Teachers radio show to “suggestions by teachers for teachers” so that we can share such tips with teachers in Nigeria from teachers around the world. This is open to all teachers who may have inspiring tips. All such tips should reach raphael@teacherswithoutborders.org on or before Midnight on Sundays for inclusion on the Monday show.

I will be writing some pieces on teacher education or contemporary issues in education and community development that TWB - Nigeria can use as discussion materials in the shows. These may also be a pilot version in developing a website that can serve as the online version of the weekly on air program.

This will be a series of short (approximately 1-2 minutes / 120-200 words) suggestions by teachers for teachers. Topics include classroom management, student diversity, community empowerment...

These can be used as teaching tips to include in the Voices of Teachers broadcasts, as well as leaders for TWB Teacher Training topics and learning objects (OERs).

These are just some ideas. Your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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