Saturday, August 18, 2007

Groups - MoodleDocs

Scott brought up the subject of the Moodle Groups function. I thought there would plenty of good documentation about the Groups function available at I would just reference a couple of good sources and it would be covered, right? Well, there are resources, and you are welcome to poke around through them. However, they aren't what I was hoping for - a nice summary of group use and an overview of selecting among the options provided.

Also: watch out for versions - the Moodle documents ( may contain references to as many as 3 separate versions of Moodle - pre-1.7, 1.9 and ?? on a single page. Check with the context-sensitive help provided with the installed version of Moodle to be sure.

Groups FAQ - MoodleDocs
-- lots of questions and answers, some general overview, others more complex

Groups - MoodleDocs
The Groups feature allows a teacher to assign teachers and students to a group within a course. Participants in a course can belong to more than one group ...
-- instructions for setting up groups

Using Moodle: Groups
You may wish to browse and/or contribute to Moodle Docs Groups. Page: 1 2 3 4 (Next) .... Have you solutions to these drawbacks of moodle groups please? ...
-- discussion forum - enter as guest - whole discussion on groups with people asking and answering specific questions

Using Moodle: Thinking Through Groups
Here are some comments and observations about the "Groups" interface (where an instructor can put participants in distinct groups) and other group-related ...
-- discussion forum - just enter as a guest ok to see comments - more talking about the function than how students and instructors use it, but it might answer some of your questions

Do any of these give you a good general understanding of the Moodle Groups function? Do these answer your questions?

If you find other resources that are good ones, please pass them along.


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