Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scott's test post 8-21-07

This is a test


  1. Outstanding!

    Ok, so where do we want to take this thing?

  2. Should we invite the other TEI members to join? You mentioned the options of starting a new blog or using this one. I am not sure which would be best. It is interesting to see some of the things you have posted here. It looks like it goes back to 2001.

  3. I was planning to invite everyone when we had worked with this a bit. Is using a blog a useful, workable format? I think so. Is Blogger where we want it? Yes, having a free outside service that has 1000s of users ensures that it is robust, accessible, and available.

    Do we want to start a new blog just for us from scratch? Your call - I'm happy to continue to use this one. If you want to start another one, go ahead and set it up, and invite me to join. Then we can invite everyone else.

  4. I think the blog format is workable format. If anybody finds anything better we can consider migrating, but i think this blog should work well.

    I would vote for continuing this blog with its roots in antiquity.


  5. How about you posting one or two new posts? Perhaps, describe a course situation and ask questions to prompt comments and suggestions.