Friday, October 05, 2007

@ONE eNEWS - Free Desktop Seminars & Last Call for Online Courses & Technical Institute!

The @ONE Desktop Seminars are worth attending. As a presenter and attendee, I am always impressed by the timeliness and professionalism of the topics and presentations. The CCC Confer functionality is also worth keeping in mind for "live" sessions with students and/or colleagues. It is good to see it from a student perspective to see it used effectively.
Join Us for Free Lunch 'n Learn Desktop Seminars. Lots of tasty topics - and just an hour each!

Make your lunch hour productive with Lunch 'n Learn Desktop Seminars. Not only will you learn how to better use technology, but you’ll be able to polish up your resume with new skills. These seminars last just one hour, starting at 12 noon, Pacific Time. So pick your topic, sign up, and mark your calendar.

Live sessions are delivered to your desktop via CCC Confer’s NEW Meet & Confer software, which uses your web browser for visuals and your phone for audio. Consequently, you will need both an Internet connection and a separate phone line. If this is your first time using CCC Confer (or it’s been awhile), you will need to get prepared. At least one week before your seminar, run the wizard on the CCC Confer web site to set up your computer for your seminar.

As reminders, you will receive log on information via e-mail one week before and the day of the seminar. Do save this information. Then, about 10 minutes before the seminar, log on, dial in, grab your lunch, and kick back.

If your schedule conflicts with a seminar you'd really like to attend—no problem. Register anyway. A few days after the seminar, you will receive e-mail instructions on how to access the archive 24/7.

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