Friday, October 05, 2007

Wiki Wake-Up Call and Use Cases

I really like wikis and I have used them for many of the applications suggested in the use cases in the post. However, I have also found that it can be difficult to get co-workers and students to use a wiki and write collaboratively. Separating out all the variations of use should help communicate the advantages better. By staying within a specific use environment and only promoting the features and benefits applicable to that particular use, others may be less fearful and more willing to give it a try.

Wiki Wake-Up Call and Use Cases

Good discussion of how wikis are used (because you can't simply assume they'll work for everything). The author lists a range of user-types, from single-user wikis to public megawikis like Wikipedia. He also offers a set of use cases - some good suggestions to which experienced wikinauts could no doubt contribute.
from OLDaily

One of the comments
I rarely use Wikipedia anymore as an example of a wiki because I find that for people who don’t know what a wiki is, there’s often a negative connotation to the idea that usually has little applicability to the people with whom I’m talking. I’ve also been focusing more on how to use wikis to address specific business issues/problems and your use cases above give me some more ideas on how to do that.

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