Sunday, November 09, 2008

CCK08 Linker Taylor

When I was taking courses for my Masters in Education in 2000-2001, we had an assignment where we were required to pick a descriptive title and define a role that exemplified some important aspect of online teaching and learning.

I dubbed myself "Linker Taylor" because I have always been comfortable as the connector - someone who notices all sorts of odd bits of information, then finds opportunities to pass along the information in the most unlike situations.

tin.ker –noun
  • a mender of pots, kettles, pans, etc., usually an itinerant.
  • a person skilled in various minor kinds of mechanical work; jack-of-all-trades.
In the kids rhyme "tinker, tailor, ...begger-man, thief" - the tinker seems like the adventurer, good with things for productive ends.

Is this where the role of "teacher" is going? I hope so.

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