Friday, November 07, 2008

DeAnza College iTunes U

DeAnza College has long been an innovator in distance education. Television courses produced by DeAnza's Broadcast Media Center have been an important community resource for many years. As the the internet and streaming video have evolved, so have DeAnza's course video delivery. Apple's iTunes U provides the means to continue DeAnza's tradition of community access to education.

DeAnza College's iTunes U catalog of Open Educational resources is expanding, and now includes several full courses.
  • Math 10: Elementary Statistics and Probability
  • EWRT 100: Critical Reading and Writing
  • HTEC 60A: Medical Terminology

Other open media resources include
  • EWRT 2: Critical Thinking about Vietnam
  • ESL 261: English as a Secong Language
  • JAPN: Japanese
  • NUTR 10: Nutrition
  • NURS 83: Perinatal Nursing
  • NURS 83A: Pediatric Nursing
  • CAOS/ARTS 113: Dreamweaver I
  • POLS: Political Science
For a complete list and access to these streaming media open educational resources including the full courses, please visit DeAnza College iTunes U


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