Friday, December 05, 2008

connecting resources

There is so much great content out there, creating
content seems of limited value. Figuring out ways to
get the content used is next big challenge. Most
instructors don't have the time or the inclination to search for the
really good content that is out there. And that assumes that
teacher-directed education will continue for some time to come.
Clearly learner-directed learning is ideal, but we are a long way from
that, I think.

Although it seems simplistic, some way to connect good related content
into some sequence would help everyone. For example, there was an
interesting podcast about beer and brewing with references to topics
in microbiology and biochemistry. It would be really great to go to
"library" or network where I could step through a dynamically
generated path of links to content on these topics. If this were
perfected, "it" would know that my understanding of biology was high
school level, and I would need to be presented with several
progressively more complex resources to get to the level of the
discussion in the podcast on beer and brewing.

Whether it is for teachers or learners, there needs to be more
interconnections, structure and/or guidance so that "good" paths paved
with great content are visible. Subject matter experts, instructional
designers and instructors/mentors/facilitators can all help
individually or in collaboration. Is anyone actually doing this? Are
there tools for this?

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