Wednesday, December 10, 2008

open content experience

In Am I missing the point on open educational resources?, Brian Lamb got some interesting responses including this from Alan Levine
The pot hole has been, IMHO and I think you allude, the education has focused a lot on the "course" as the pursuit and generation of OER - what if it were reframed to look more broadly at creating the Open Content Experiences, which are the things people do, reflect, produce from, contribute to via learning, not just consuming content like a one way flow.

I'm inclined to agree. Currently, and perhaps rightly so, the "haves" are the content producers. Some content is new and additive. Some is hackneyed, just restating the work of others as original (and copyrightable) suitable for publication as tenure requirement.

One of the aims for WikiEducator and others, is to find ways to promote the reuse of the best content, identify and fill the holes if they exist, and help educators reuse, remix and redistribute. I like the idea of a middleman role here between the content producers and the teachers, instructors and learners who are directed to the content as part of their learning experience.

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