Friday, February 20, 2009

learning adventures

I'm off on another learning adventure - well, several actually. I have been trying to drum up support from friends and colleagues, but to no avail. So like The Little Red Hen, I'll do it myself... and she did.

  • Engineering - Engineering and science education is in swift decline. Despite the best efforts of NPR's Science Friday, Scientific American, NASA and others, the fact remains. Few kids are getting enough Science, Math and Engineering learning opportunities. There is plenty of information available so anyone can discover and connect with lots of great information.

  • Online Learning - With budget cutbacks, more learning is going to be self-directed and technology supported. There is lots of great content already available. Finding it and adopting / adapting it for personalized teaching and learning could do with some investigation. ..WikiEducator Moodle

  • Community Mobilization - Phil's Community Empowerment and Mobiliser training contain lots of valuable information based on his years in Africa and teaching Sociology. Enlisting volunteers to translate these materials into dozens of local languages is no small feat. But who is using them? Why would they? How would they be found and used?

  • Money - The economy is in pretty sorry shape and getting worse by the day. Enlightened self interest required knowing more about everything that can impact our personal financial situation, and understanding how to protect current assets and even prosper as thing realign in the coming weeks and months.

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