Friday, February 20, 2009

WikiEducator OTL09 - 2. Encourage cooperation among students

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Online Teaching and Learning

This week we are looking at 2. Encourage cooperation among students. Students can learn a lot from one another. And they enjoy doing so. Each student brings their unique perspective and background to the course. In an online learning situation, student-student contact is also a very powerful motivator, as it provides safe, focused inter-personal interactions that are missing in many face-to-face educational institutions.

Students working in groups learn more about the content area and are more engaged in the activity than working individually. In the "real world" people rarely work alone. Learning to work collaboratively in an online environment is an important life skill. ... 2. Encourage cooperation among students

Discussion - How do you incorporate student cooperation in your on-campus class? What are some of the challenges with the current process? Would adding technology change the group dynamics? Do students do their group work entirely in class? If they work outside of class, how do you know what is going on?


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