Wednesday, March 11, 2009

and Retention

We started off calling it Technology Enhanced Instruction - very
faculty-centric view and ok for the time (2001-2003). When Letha asked
me to pick it up again, she suggested the Chickering and Gameson's
Seven Principles as the "big picture" to emphasize supporting learning
and student outcomes. This is in line with DeAnza's Student Learning
Outcomes and Retention programs.

The thinking goes like this: By working at making the student
experience better, retention will improve. Any and all faculty can
learn something new. "Technology" is such a broad term and so much is
included, it isn't possible to know everything. So what we have is an
opportunity to encourage faculty to come together electronically,
share their ideas and concerns, and work collaboratively with
colleagues to develop some resources, and develop learning activities
that keep the student experience exciting and challenging, as
Chickering and Gameson suggest.

But wait, there's more. Introducing appropriate technologies allow
many students access to education that they could not get in-person.
The Distance Learning course offerings facilitated by technology are
getting many students into DeAnza courses in the first place - which
goes way beyond "retention".

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