Saturday, March 07, 2009

informal workshops

I received a note about the informal workshop currently going on as a
WikiEducator Moodle course:
I feel that it may be important for the
participants to be on the same page as the facilitator. Is the
discussion on the Moodle, google group or both? I offered my ideas
because I wanted to help. Perhaps it would be helpful to add the
purpose of the discussions or workshop on the Moodle and have them
come from there and not on the google.

Yes - the discussions are in Moodle. The postings here are reminders
and invitations to encourage WE google group readers that the
discussions in Moodle are moving to the next topic and everyone is
welcome to join in. That's what I meant and I thought that's what I

However, one can never provide too much
information about purpose and objectives. Being subtle or assuming
people "get it" once you have made your point, shouldn't be the end of
stating the purpose of your project.

The posting quoted below in its entirety, is the first promotional
posting that I sent to the WE google group.

In the sidebar in the Moodle course the following text is permanently
This workshop is an ongoing discussion forum. New topics will be
introduced each week. Each topic will run for 2 weeks. The idea is to
have some quality discussions on important topics in online teaching
and learning.

All WikiEducators are welcome. Lurk or actively participate.
Suggest discussion topics. Subscribe to the discussions and have them
come to you."
I'd like for these informal workshops to work. I think that a WE
Moodle course is the place for these discussions to take place. The WE
brand gives them credibility. The discussions are organized and
enduring. The workshop can even have other cohorts go through, benefit
from the discussions from previous sessions and add to the existing

Over time this becomes a very effective topical resource. This part
works - I have had 2 cohorts go through our college course. Folks in
the second cohort really enjoyed learning from colleagues who had
worked through the discussions 6 months earlier.

What more can / should be done to address these issues? What isn't
clear about the objectives and the process? How can this be made to
work more effectively?

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