Saturday, April 24, 2010

Voices: Four Elements of Effective Feedback

There are Four Elements of Effective Feedback that are effective when giving your students feedback on assignments. The first two elements are inspired from Peter Elbow's work and are a part of exercising your "believing muscle" in which we "listen, affirm, enter in, try to put ourselves into the skin of people with other perceptions." Here, we are asked to share our experiences with others, rather than force them upon others.

The other two are developed from "what works" in coaching. Focus around a big question. Say what philosophical question his/her writing generates for you. What does their completed assignment make you wonder about on a larger level? Then, be specific and constructive by offering 1 or 2 things for improvement. The reason we say to give your students one (maybe two) things is this: If you highlight one thing for improvement, then, the Learner can take that one thing, remember it, and incorporate it for the future.

Here are Four Elements of Effective Feedback to use when giving feedback:
  1. Pointing
  2. Summarizing
  3. Posing 1 question for your Learner to consider
  4. Offering 1 or 2 things for improvement
Teachers Without Borders builds a "believing muscle." We hope to understand the people we work with and their thoughts - from the inside out. Certainly, there are many times in which we may need to play the doubting game. In our work, however, the believing game welcomes difference, innovation, investing in others, and personal strength."
  • What are some of the questions that you use to start your own thinking about feedback?
  • Can you describe feedback that you received that really helped you?
  • Have you provided feedback to someone that made a big difference to them?
  • How much feedback is just enough - either for you or your students?
Learn more... Techniques to Feedback — TWB Courseware


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