Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello everyone in Cohort 14

I live near San Francisco, in California. I teach part-time at a community college. I also facilitate online workshops for other faculty. I am looking forward to completing this program so that I can become a mentor for the Certificate of Teaching Mastery program.

I have been especially fortunate to become part of several online communities, so I would like to use them as examples of "my" culture for this assignment. is an online tool, a learning environment and a global community of educators. The main page is a bit overwhelming but it show how rich the organization is. Everyone is invited to "join" - create a user account. There are community members who make themselves available to meet and greet newcomers. There are several outstanding tutorials for learning to use the wiki tools. There is a email group for discussions - often very lively and always interesting and helpful.

Although I am new to TWB, I have experienced a welcoming culture here too. I'm looking forward to participating in several programs like the Certificate of Teaching Mastery (CTM)  and the Voices of Teachers radio broadcasts with Raphael Oko and TWB - Nigeria.

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